Missed Lectures

Lecture Podcasts

I never decided to post videos of my lectures. Maybe I place too much value on being there, live and in person, and able to interact with your teacher and your classmates. Maybe I just don’t like watching myself on camera. And the new buzz about flipped classroom learning isn’t going to totally change my mind. Plus, there are so many great online resources now where you can watch great professors from around the world teach the same things we discussed in class.
However, I also believe that students looking to work ahead, catch up, or just trying to get things a second time might appreciate a little more than a textbook. And maybe getting a little insight about what we did, what was emphasized, and how we approached things, will help you. So..

Below you will find podcasts created by your classmates (FOR A BRIBE OF EXTRA CREDIT) to help you catch up. Think of it like calling a friend from your class without the phone call.

(Teacher’s Note- I have removed the podcasts of old students at old schools. Until new students fill in this page again I have put a few of my own in here. Please, new students at new schools.. Come get those bonus points and fill in the gaps.)

  • Magnetism Day One
    This is day one of the lecture. You should also look for the 4 page handout that goes with it under the marking period 4 files for your class.

  • Magnetism Day Two
    The second day of the lecture focuses more on the magnetic fields created by currents and introduces a few new equations.

  • Magnetism Day Three
    The third part of the series looks at induction as a result of changing magnetic fields, introducing the concept of magnetic flux.

  • Optics Labs
    This podcast covers the two labs we do in class to discover refraction and reflection; both are classic old fashioned labs. The handouts are here, in the lab section.

  • Circuits Part 1
    This is day one of the lecture. This lecture goes along with the simple circuits in your review packet and the basic resistor equations as well.

  • Circuits Part 2
    This lecture begins with a more advanced combination circuit. You should download the example problem from the marking period files to follow along. The video ends with a look at some resistor codes and sample problems.

  • Kirchhoff’s Rules
    The more advanced problems for circuits sometimes require some additional rules above simple parallel and series math. The Kirchhoff laws here also help solidify circuit understanding for the AP or honors students.