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Flexible Technology

This site was designed to work on most modern devices on computers or mobile devices. The responsive menus should fit your phone as perfectly as a big desktop monitor. If you have any tech problems, stop in and let me know. You are still responsible for all assignments, but we can come up with a good solution.

BYOD Requirements / Options

A working calculator with trig functions is required every day.

A laptop is recommended, and should be in class every day. Most of the software and websites we will use can work on Mac or PC hardware. Not all things have been tested on Chromebooks. Power-Up first, chargers may be brought as well. USB-A ports are required for some devices, adapters should be brought if your device does not have one.

Your smart phone can be a good tool for taking pictures, videos, or other measurements in class. The school's cell phone policy applies and phones should not be visible unless being used for a classroom activity.

During the 2020-2021 school year, new activities are being added and a tablet such as an iPad could be used to create student work. A laptop is still required until all mobile versions of software have been tested.

Software or Online Resources
Logger Pro - Vernier

The Logger Pro software from Vernier is a fantastic title for gathering data from our collection of sensors, for creating and interpreting your own graphs, and even to analyze video. Another title, Graphical Analysis, is available for mobile devices. Please be aware that this might not have all the same features we discuss and use together. Tower Hill has purchased a site license, and students can download a free copy. I will send all current students an email invitation. See me if you did not receive one in your email.

Pivot Interactive Virtual Labs

This new software from Vernier allows students to perform virtual lab experiments, in full control of the variables and the measurement of results. This is not intended to diminish the number of hands-on activities for the class. Some of these will be assigned before the classroom discussion of the topics, and some will be allowed to accommodate missed class time for absent students.

This supplement to our lab experiments will cost each student only $5 for the whole year. See me for an account and log-in information.

CK12 Online Textbook

The students of my classroom will have access to some textbooks in class, and some scanned sections from multiple authors. I have found that students do not all agree on their favorites or the resources they find to be most helpful. The CK-12 books are open-source and free to all students. When the classroom discussion or recitation meetings do not answer all of your questions, this online text and review resource might be just what you need.

Moodle Online Submissions

The submission of homework and classwork assignments will vary. Some experiments will be turned in online by individual students while others will be a physical submission by a group of students. You will be told in class what to expect. The Moodle portion of my website will allow students to check their work for many of the classroom assignments, and will be the most common method of checking a homework page. There are deadlines and multiple submissions allowed for most of these pages. See me if you have any questions or need help.

Google Classrooms

New For 2020 - For your assignment updates and many of the same files you might find in here, the Google Classroom format will be added to support your file management. Work with your teacher to make this new tool run smoothly for all of us.


What became our online classroom in March 2020 might be back again for the 20-21 school year.

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